Some underlying principles we follow -

  1. De-risking happens by growth rate and valuation, not by the size of the company
  2. Quantum of profit / revenue has little significance. What matters is the growth rate of that profit or revenue.
  3. It’s much easier to grow a profit of 10 Cr to 100 Cr than to grow 1000 Cr to 10,000 Cr. Though the % growth rate remains the same in both cases [and our return as well].
  4. Companies purchased on a cheap valuation have a distinct advantage wherein value provides a cushion w.r.t. downside risk.

With the above principles in mind,

  1. We focus on the intersection of growth and value. Click here to go through the complete strategy in detail.
  2. We focus on small companies, with a potential to become large companies in future. Such a company shows clear symptoms w.r.t. a very high growth rate of earning & revenue.
  3. We might also have a sector-specific focus at different points in time.


  1. We focus on Weekly and Monthly charts only.
  2. We focus on Price Action rather than indicators or averages.
  3. Our strategy is more Momentum than Value Investing. We believe in buy high, sell higher rather than buy low, sell high.
  4. As we marry Technicals with Fundamentals, we don’t exit our stocks too frequently.
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