Why should you pay a fee when you can pay with your network?

If you refer customers worth 5x of your portfolio size, we make your monthly fee zero, month on month perpetually, till the time your referrals stick with Moneyplication as clients. So essentially, in this case, we work for you for free for a lifetime [if your referrals stick with us that long 😂 ]

FYI, ~ 40% of the current crop of customers is availing Referral Discount. It’s that effective.

And here’s the most interesting part - if you are able to make referrals over and above the limit of 5x [the limit which makes your monthly fee zero], you start getting paid. Yes, you read it right! Once you cross the 5x limit, we treat you as our channel partner and pay you as per those T&Cs. The rate of your payout remains exactly the same as in the Referral Plan - the negative discount that we get through calculation becomes your income. To get more idea on how much income is possible through the Channel Partner Program, click here.

Need more clarity? You can better understand Referral Discount through this example.

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