Putting below the end to end POA process for Zerodha -

  1. Download this form [when it opens in your browser, right click and choose ‘Save As’ to save]
  2. Get a print of this form.
  3. Fill this form -
    1. Enter your name in the first blank field on second page. Name should be exactly as given to Zerodha.

    2. Enter your Client ID [your username while you login to Zerodha] in the blank field on second page.

    3. Enter your DP ID in the two blank fields - one on first page and the other on second page.

      <aside> ℹ️ Note: Zerodha guys generally fill up your client ID and DP ID on their own by matching your phone number and email ID you provide on the cover of your envelope. But no harm if we provide it, as it minimizes chances of error.


    4. Enter your address in the address field.

      • [ ] Ensure that your address is exactly the same as you gave to Zerodha previously To find out what was the address you gave previously, click below -

        Check Your Address

    5. Sign on each of the 3 pages.

      • [ ] On first page, there is no box given so sign at bottom but on the other two pages, sign within the box.

      • [ ] Your signature should perfectly match with the one you gave Zerodha while opening your demat account. Click the link below to verify:

        Check Your Signature

    6. Put the current date in blank field toward the end of third page, the field which says -

      “Dated at Bangalore on this 24th day of March 2022”

    7. Witness Signatures - This is not needed and Zerodha takes care of this on their own. Though no harm in getting anyone sign as a witness if you have them available at hand.

  4. Take a picture of the below things and store in a soft-folder, for our record-keeping only -
  5. Mention your registered email ID and phone number on courier cover [envelope].
  6. Courier form to the below address. The form can be sent via any mode - post, registered post, speed post or courier.

<aside> ✉️ Zerodha H.O No.153/154,

4th Cross, Dollars Colony,

Opp. Clarence Public School,

J.P Nagar, 4th Phase,

Bangalore - 560078


<aside> 😵‍💫 If you already couriered the POA form long back but still you are being asked TPIN while executing trades, check the below section -



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