The eMandate facility can be used to set an automatic transfer from your bank account to Zerodha account at a set day each month.

  1. Visit Console >> Funds >> Bank Mandates [Click Here to visit].

  2. Click on Create a new mandate.

  3. Select the account for which the mandate is to be created.

  4. Authenticate the bank account using a debit card or netbanking. Note that the maximum amount displayed here is Rs. 1 lakh - this is not the amount which will be actually deducted. You will be able to set the actual deductible amount later.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process on the bank’s mandate approval gateway.

  6. Wait for the mandate to get registered. You will get an intimation from Zerodha once it does.

  7. Once the mandate is registered, create a Schedule to transfer funds to the Zerodha account. Follow these steps to create a schedule:

    1. Name the schedule.
    2. Select fund transfer date. [Note that normally money is actually deducted one day before this date, so set it accordingly.]
    3. Select frequency and the amount to be transferred.
    4. Click on Create schedule .

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy auto-investing, see your corpus grow quickly.

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