Let’s take the case of Pravesh🧑🏻‍🦰

Pravesh has taken a premium plan and started on the date of 7th Jan with a capital of INR 5 lakhs. As per standard pricing, his fee payable is INR 2,500 per month.

Pravesh paid a lumpsum of INR 10,000 as fee on 7th Jan [i.e., he did about 4 months of advance recharge]. He also referred his friend Aresh who started with a capital of 2 lakhs from the mid of March.

Here’s how fee calculation works out for Pravesh. You can click on a cell of this table to read the formula applied; you can scroll the table left and right to see all the parameters:

Fee for Pravesh

*Hypothetical, calculated at the end of that month

*** Ignore for first month, as recharge done anywhere in Jan [considering first month] will last till Feb 28th [or 29th].*

*** Balance left by the end of the corresponding month.*

**** Formula for total discount = Fee x (Investing Discount % + Recharge Discount % + Referral Discount % + Performance Discount %)*

Based on the above, Pravesh’s recharge got nearly exhausted by the end of May, so he’ll top-up his account again by that time.

Again, if he recharges before 31st May for [suppose] 3 months, he will get a 3% Recharge Discount month-on-month. However, if he recharges on 2nd of June, he will only get a 2% discount month-on-month as midnight of a month-end is the cutoff date.

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