Here is how you can enable the Fingerprint or the Touch ID on your mobile device:

  1. Initially, the Fingerprint/Touch ID should be enabled on the device from the mobile settings (if it is not enabled already).

  2. Click on your User ID at the bottom right of your screen:

    WhatsApp Image 2022-05-07 at 8.29.55 PM.jpeg

  3. Click on “Settings”:

  4. Now you will see an option to enable the Fingerprint feature:

  5. You can turn the above switch ON to set up the feature.

<aside> ℹ️ Note:

  1. Some devices do not support Fingerprint or Touch ID authentication. Do check if your device supports this feature.
  2. The first log-in after the installation of the Kite app will need the password and Pin/TOTP.
  3. For Deactivation of Fingerprint login, just follow the above 4 steps and turn the Fingerprint switch OFF in the 5th step. </aside>

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